July 20, 2024

Summary: Physicians Hearing Network (PHN) is offering free cognitive screenings using BrainCheck Screen for all hearing care patients, enhancing the detection of cognitive health issues in a convenient, efficient setting.


  1. Integrated Health Screening: PHN’s initiative to provide combined hearing and cognitive screenings addresses the interconnection between hearing loss and cognitive decline, as shown in studies like those from Johns Hopkins, offering a comprehensive approach to patient health in the primary care setting.
  2. Quick and Accessible Screening: BrainCheck Screen enables clinicians to perform cognitive health checks in as little as three minutes, regardless of device or location, allowing for rapid assessment and identification of patients who may need further cognitive testing.
  3. Holistic and Preventive Healthcare: By integrating BrainCheck’s advanced cognitive screening tools, PHN supports a holistic health model that not only aims at early detection of cognitive issues but also contributes to preventive healthcare, potentially reducing the progression of conditions like dementia.

Physicians Hearing Network (PHN), a provider of hearing testing and hearing aid services exclusive to independent primary care physicians, will offer complimentary cognitive screenings for all hearing care patients with BrainCheck Screen, empowering clinicians to quickly and easily check cognitive health and determine if further testing may be needed, regardless of device or location – in as little as three minutes.

Cognitive Screening

According to a recent Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health study, dementia and hearing loss are closely tied, but for adults at increased risk for cognitive decline, hearing loss intervention slowed down loss of thinking and memory abilities by 48% over three years.

“I’m excited for our patients and the physicians we partner with because we’re solving an unmet need by providing screening for both hearing and cognition in the convenient setting of their physician’s office. Providing these related screening tools is more convenient for patients, more efficient for physicians, and is consistent with PHN physicians’ focus on proactive care for their patients,” says William McCrae, CEO of Physicians Hearing Network. “BrainCheck’s cognitive testing platform is the gold standard in cognitive screenings, assessments and recommended care plans and we’re pleased to bring it to our patients in a convenient setting.”

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About the BrainCheck Platform

BrainCheck’s platform provides a full suite of tools that streamline the screening, assessment, care planning, and monitoring of cognitive health. BrainCheck Screen helps providers accurately and efficiently determine whether further cognitive testing may be needed with BrainCheck’s standard battery, Assess – in as little as three minutes. BrainCheck’s standard battery, Assess, is a FDA Class II medical device that is designed to detect signs of cognitive impairment, which may have association with dementias including Alzheimer’s. BrainCheck Plan helps clinicians build, document, and deliver a comprehensive care plan for patients with cognitive decline, post-diagnosis.

“We’re pleased to partner with PHN, a network that truly understands the importance of holistic health for the aging population,” says Kim Rodriguez, CEO of BrainCheck. “Up to 40% of dementia is preventable by addressing modifiable risk factors, such as hearing loss. BrainCheck’s technology not only supports early detection and ongoing monitoring of cognitive impairment for patients, but also enhances clinical efficiency and simplified workflow for providers and their staff.”

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