July 20, 2024

She got an ultra-thorough checkup without coughing up for a million-dollar checkup. 

Scans, tests and blood work. The crucial health screenings are all typically done with one’s primary physician during an annual visit to the doctor’s office. 

But Bryn Elise bypassed her doc and, instead, opted for an $810 full-body exam in a foreign land. 

This influencer got a full-body health scan overseas — for just $810. TikTok / @@bryn.elise
Elise underwent a thorough full-body healthcare scan at a medical facility in Turkey. She revealed her trip in a viral TikTok video. TikTok / @bryn.elise

“I flew to Turkey to get the most in-depth checkup of my life,” Elise, 29, a beauty and health tourism influencer from Colorado, told over 8 million viewers in her trending TikTok testimonial.

“It was the greatest thing I’ve ever done for my health and my bank account,” added the blonde, joking that the same exhaustive evaluation would have come with a price tag of “$36,537,951 zillion dollars” if it had been performed in the US. 

“The price of everything was jaw-dropping.”

Elise, who ditched her 9-to-5 as a waitress to make six figures selling used books on Amazon in 2022, has saved more than $40,000 by traveling abroad to undergo medical and grooming treatments over the past three years. 

She’s in the high number of content creators to tout the abounding boons of healthcare tourism — which has amassed over 29.7 million hashtags online. 

In the eye-popping posts, adventures film themselves bidding adieu to America for operating tables in Europe, South America and Asia. 

Over 1 million Americans travel to Mexico for healthcare treatments each year. Gorodenkoff – stock.adobe.com

A staggering 1.2 million Americans visit Mexico for specialized surgeries each year, according to a 2023 report from Medical Tourism Mexico. The findings revealed that penny-pinchers from the US save up to 80% in costs on procedures done south of the border. 

But nip/tuck fanatics on the internet seem to have taken a special liking to doctors in Turkey. 

Folks have virally jetted off to Istanbul for inexpensive nose jobs, veneers, hair transplants and the “Instagram” look — which consists of a tummy tuck and butt lift, as well as breast and teeth implants. 

Elise, however, seemed more interested in the inner workings of her body than in adding outer embellishments. 


Trying the VIP checkup package 🫢 Memorial Hospital Bahçelievler📍 To make an appointment i just went to the Memorial.com.tr website and filled out the contact form 🙌 Or you can email [email protected] I’ll make a followup video sharing my results soon 😊

♬ original sound – Bryn Elise

The millennial, armed with a list of her “mysterious ailments” and an English-speaking translator, saw a slew of doctors at Memorial Hospital Bahçelievler. While at the facility, she underwent X-rays, chest and thyroid ultrasounds, a pap smear, vision testing, bone density scans and internal medicine screenings. 

“We went over the 30-plus scans, tests and cancer makers I was tested for in-depth,” said Elise. 

“This is why I love health tourism,” she added as commenters praised her money-saving medical hack. “I would never be able to afford this level of care in the United States.”

While Elise’s health screening was well-received online, Kim Kardashian caught social media flak for spending over $2,000 on a similar full-body scan. kimkardashian/Instagram

Kim Kardashian opted for a similar health scan in August 2023. 

But when the mega mogul, 42, took to social media, boasting about the benefits of her $2,500 checkup via the Prenuvo body scan machine, she was blasted for exhibiting “tone deaf” behaviors.

“Kim, this is for wealthy people. People can’t afford food right now,” spat an unimpressed Instagram user. 

“This is SO tone deaf. The majority of people in America could not afford to use this machine,” another barked. “The fact that she’s promoting medical devices that cost thousands is so ridiculous.”

“I’m a fan of the Kardashians,” began an equally perturbed detractor. “But Kim shut the f–k up. Most people can’t afford to go to urgent care.

“This is so f–king tone-deaf.”


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