June 13, 2024

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The goal of Whole Body HealthCare and Wellness LLC is, as the company motto suggests, “healing from the inside out.” Owner Dr. Renee Hartman is passionate about finding overlooked missing pieces in her patients’ journey back to health.

As an immunologist, she has earned Ph.D. degrees in integrative medicine and natural medicine, as well as a Bachelor of Science degree in natural health and nutrition. Working in tandem with patients’ physicians, Dr. Hartman’s practice offers high-quality, advanced health care treatments and therapies that work with the whole body non-invasively.

Dr. Hartman believes modern medicine, much of which uses drugs to treat illness and injury, is necessary, but she feels that health care should be more than just listening to symptoms and giving medicine. While in medical school, personal experiences caused her to rethink her career path. Her daughter almost died due to a severe adverse reaction to a minuscule amount of a common fever-reducing medicine. A few years later, medical treatments her father was receiving for lung cancer failed. Finally, when a physician who taught her pharmacology and pathology classes said a doctor’s focus is listening to patients’ symptoms and addressing them with medications. She knew there had to be a better way to help individuals achieve overall health.

“There is a need to do something beyond just giving medicine,” she says. “There should be a way to get to underlying causes which lead to root issue of each patient’s illness. Whole Body HealthCare and Wellness personalizes, customizes and gets to bottom of issues. It’s like peeling back layers of an onion. Doctors should work with the immune system first. The body has the innate ability to heal itself. There are so many little things people can do, such as adjustments to diet and lifestyle, including therapies that work to release built-up toxins and excess stressors. Everyone is different. What works for one might not work with the next [person].”

Dr. Renee Hartman's room“I offer several health options for patients such as immunology, integrative and traditional naturopathic medicine,” she adds. “Included are anti-aging therapies, several health scans, biological medicine, biofeedback sessions, and bioidentical hormone replacement therapy. Other options are emWave Pro HeartMath, pain management, restoring nutritional therapy, ultrasound cavitation, plus more. I also provide mental, emotional and spiritual coaching.”

Dr. Hartman offers far infrared system with chromotherapy. Chromotherapy is the science of using colors in our everyday lives to support overall body functions, mental, emotional, and physical well-being, and the improvement of overall health by creating positive changes within the body. It can be used for chronic pain, swelling and inflammation, and helps to lower blood pressure. It also improves circulation, lymph flow, sleep and immune functions, and accelerates overall healing, decreases muscle tension, along with many other benefits.

One important tool that Dr. Hartman uses is a food scan. It assesses an individual’s ability to absorb, assimilate and metabolize foods and additives. Although it is not a food allergy, sensitivity or intolerance test, it gives patients direction on getting the most health value out of the foods they eat. It can be a catalyst for weight loss and an aid in achieving a healthy digestive system.

Dr. Hartman uses an advanced health scan to find areas of main concern. It scans all organs, glands and systems, while conducting a review of the symptoms patients are experiencing. It is intended for those who have long-standing problems and/or unexplained issues, and have exhausted all the medical field has to offer, such as multiple tests and medications. For those who feel that nothing has worked and have never gotten a real answer as to what is going on, it helps to uncover the missing pieces.

officeofficeCommitted to her patients and the Kokomo community, Dr. Hartman values her patients’ input and is deeply invested in helping them through their health journey while providing needed support to achieve goals. Office visits, including virtual meetings, and appointment hours, are flexible to meet individual needs. She has donated her time to several organizations and health fairs, and is available to speak on nutrition, the immune system and anatomy, among other topics.

“True healing is finding out what is going on, addressing it head-on, and then working with the body to help it heal naturally, the way God made our bodies to be,” she says. “I believe we need both medical and natural medicine, but I don’t believe in quick fixes of any kind. This is a process that can’t be rushed, as most health conditions don’t happen overnight. These challenges are usually a long time coming due to poor lifestyle, diet, low immune activity, choices, and the over-suppression of immune functions. It is not easy to get to root causes, as many patients have several layers they must go through to heal.”

For more information, visit drreneehartman.com. Call 765-860-2144 to schedule an appointment.


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