June 16, 2024

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Costco is known for selling bulk products at great prices. The retailer also has a hearing center where you can buy hearing aids from a few different brands. Check out which ones below.

If you or a loved one has difficulty hearing, you may be thinking about buying hearing aids. Hearing aids work by amplifying the sounds around you.

There is no one best hearing aid for all people. The right size and type of hearing aid really depends on the individual.

Hearing aids are also expensive. Oftentimes, they’re only covered partially by insurance. In most cases, they’re not covered at all.

Costco’s Hearing Aid Centers carry several brands of hearing aids. Buying hearing aids from Costco can save you money, but it won’t be the best choice for everyone. Let’s go over the things you should know before you buy hearing aids from Costco.

Costco has over 500 warehouse locations in the United States. Most, though not all, have a Hearing Aid Center onsite.

Costco Hearing Aid Centers are staffed primarily by licensed hearing aid specialists. Unlike audiologists, hearing aid specialists aren’t required to have an advanced degree in audiology. Some Costco Hearing Aid Centers do have audiologists on staff in addition to hearing aid specialists.

If it’s important for you to see an audiologist, find out if this is possible at your location before you book an appointment.

Costco members can schedule a no-obligation hearing test and purchase hearing aids at a Hearing Aid Center. Cleanings, adjustments, and follow-up appointments can also be done there.

An older online review mentions that one drawback of Costco is the inability to purchase hearing aids from the retailer online.

When you purchase hearing aids from a Hearing Aid Center, Costco offers limited support services for some hearing aids remotely.

Costco carries one model from three different hearing aid brands:

Philips HearLink 9040

Costco sells the HearLink 9040 model made by Philips, a health technology company based in Amsterdam. This is a behind-the-ear (BTE) hearing aid.

It uses artificial intelligence (AI) to identify the sounds that you want to hear, like conversations close to you, and amplify those sounds instead of background noise.

The HearLink 9040 is Bluetooth equipped and syncs with Android and iOS devices through an app.

Costco also sells a variety of add-on accessories for this product, such as:

  • a TV adapter that streams directly from your TV to your hearing aid
  • a remote control and a hearing clip for making phone calls (this only works with Android devices)

These hearing aids start at around $1,600, though exact pricing can vary by location.

Jabra Enhance Pro 10

Costco sells the Jabra Enhance Pro 10 hearing aid.

Jabra is produced by the same company that makes ReSound hearing aids. ReSound used to be sold at Costco, but they’re not currently stocked at the hearing centers.

The Jabra Enhance Pro 10 is a BTE device and comes in eight different colors. You can choose which model works best for your level of hearing loss.

Jabra Enhance Pro 10 has Bluetooth and pairs with iOS and Android devices. This hearing aid is also rechargeable.

An app (iOS, Android) allows you to adjust your preferences based on your environment or situation. The app can also help you track down a hearing aid if it gets lost.

This Jabra device is a bit more expensive than Philips BTE devices sold at Costco. Prices start at around $1,700.

Rexton BiCore C R-Li

Costco sells the Rexton BiCore C R-Li hearing aids at a similar price to Jabra and Philips devices.

The BiCore C R-Li comes in rechargeable or disposable battery versions. They’re made for BTE wear. They also offer custom ITE (in the ear) versions of this hearing aid.

The BiCore C R-Li is also Bluetooth enabled, and, like the others on this list, has an app that you can use to adjust the settings and get remote assistance. It’s compatible with iOS and Android devices.

The signature of the BiCore C R-Li is its ability to filter speech from background noise. Rexton says this technology also extends the battery life of the devices. Thirty minutes of charge will give you 6 hours of hearing aid use.

These hearing aids are also known for their durability. They’re resistant to water, ultraviolet (UV) light, and impact.

Costco Hearing Aid Centers are only available to Costco members. The centers provide a full range of services, including initial hearing tests, fittings, adjustments, cleanings, and follow-up appointments.

The type of warranty you get on your hearing aids will depend on which brand and type you buy.

Most hearing aids can be returned for a full refund within 180 days.

Costco provides free loss and damage coverage with no deductible.

You must be a Costco member to buy hearing aids from the retailer or to use the complimentary services in the hearing centers. These include:

  • free hearing aid product demonstrations
  • free hearing test
  • free follow-up appointments
  • free hearing aid cleanings and checkups
  • free hearing aid adjustments

Membership fees start at $60 annually.

Learn more about Costco memberships online.

Prices of hearing aids

Because the retailer buys in bulk, Costco can sell hearing aids at a low or deeply discounted price. You can find multiple hearing aids here that cost around $1,500 for a pair.

Hearing aids at Costco include free services that are typically folded into bundled hearing aid packages. In addition to the in-person services listed above, these include:

  • loss and damage coverage with no deductible
  • a warranty period, which varies by hearing aid model

Because the prices are already low, Costco doesn’t offer payment plans for hearing aids. You’ll be required to pay the full cost of your hearing aids up front.


Costco doesn’t accept insurance for hearing aids. Hearing aids aren’t usually covered by health insurance plans, including original Medicare.

If you have an insurance plan that covers hearing aids, you can still shop at Costco. You’ll have to submit an invoice to your insurer for reimbursement, after payment.

Learn what’s available from Costco’s hearing centers online.

Before you book your first appointment for a hearing test, download and fill out Costco’s patient intake form in either English or Spanish. The form requires information like your medical history and hearing history.

The hearing test is done in a private sound booth and will take about 1 hour.

After the test, you have the option of meeting with a hearing aid specialist to go over your hearing needs and potential solutions. At that time, you can access product demonstrations, which can help you decide which type and brand of hearing aid is best for you. The hearing aid specialist may make recommendations for you to consider.

You’ll receive a date for a follow-up appointment or fitting. In some instances, you may have to return to get your hearing aids later.

You’ll also receive a member journal, which provides information about your hearing aids, plus tips on caring for and getting used to them.

Costco Hearing Aid Centers and hearing aids have a solid, positive track record with users. Low cost is a major driver of the good reviews the retailer receives online.

If you’re considering buying hearing aids at Costco, talking with local customers and reading reviews may help provide specific information about the retailer near you.

It’s important to note that you can’t have your Costco hearing aids repaired at a non-Costco location. If you aren’t near a Costco and have any trouble with the device, you may have difficulty getting a quick repair.

You can buy hearing aids directly through an audiologist who works with you on your hearing health. You can also buy them through brick-and-mortar retailers and online sellers. Some online hearing aid stores offer low cost options that are similar to Costco’s pricing.

Most sellers offer five to six brands of hearing aids. If you want a particular brand, you can look for an authorized local or online seller through that brand’s website.

Some hearing aids require individualized fittings. Others just need programming, which may require an in-person visit. Hearing aids are meant to last for several years, so be sure to consider your hearing needs several years from now.

Search for audiologists near you.

Over-the-counter (OTC) hearing aids

As of 2022, hearing aids can be purchased in the United States without a prescription or a personal fitting. These OTC hearing aids are meant to treat moderate to mild hearing loss for adults 18 years and older.

OTC hearing aid options tend to be less expensive than those you might find at Costco. Some even offer an app and a warranty, and many have payment plans.

OTC hearing aids can be found at:

  • department stores like Walmart and Target
  • electronics stores like Best Buy
  • online retailers like Amazon
  • directly from manufacturer websites like Audicus and Soundwave

Even though OTC hearing aids are available, not everyone should choose this option. The most important thing to do before buying hearing aids is to have an accurate, up-to-date assessment of your hearing by a hearing professional. You won’t get the most out of any hearing aids without knowing exactly what you need.

Is Costco the only place where I can get hearing aids?

No, you can get hearing aids from lots of places. Hearing aids are sold by hearing professionals who specialize in evaluating your hearing and helping you choose a product.

In addition to Costco Hearing Aid Centers, these include licensed hearing aid dispensers and audiologists who work at hearing aid dispensers (these are similar to an optical distributor or eyewear store).

What hearing aid is the best option for me?

There’s no one best hearing aid for all people. You’ll need to go to an audiologist or hearing professional who can help determine the best hearing aid option for you. Your budget, your type of hearing loss, and your lifestyle will all play a role in determining which product works for you.

What else comes with the hearing aid?

Your hearing aids will typically come in a bundle with basic accessories. This will include a charging station (if you purchase a rechargeable option), a travel case, and tools to clean your hearing aid. All hearing aids sold at Costco come with access to a mobile app that you can use to customize your hearing aid options.

Does Costco use audiologists?

The employees at the Costco Hearing Aid Centers are not all licensed and trained audiologists. However, some hearing centers do employ audiologists as part of their staff. If you need to see an audiologist, call ahead to verify that one will be on staff on the day of your visit.

What happened to the Kirkland brand hearing aids?

At the time of this writing, Costco does not carry Kirkland brand hearing aids. It isn’t clear if Costco’s in-house brand of hearing aids will return. People who bought Kirkland hearing aids and are having issues with their products should contact Costco about their warranty and replacement options.

Does insurance or Medicare cover hearing aids?

Standard Medicare doesn’t cover hearing aids. If you have a Medicare Advantage plan, some coverage may be available.

Some insurance companies offer limited hearing aid coverage, or they allow you to use your health savings account or flexible spending account funds on hearing aids. For the most part, though, hearing aid coverage is extremely limited.

Remember: Costco doesn’t accept insurance for hearing aids.

Costco Hearing Aid Centers offer a low cost way to purchase hearing aids. The retailer sells three brands: Philips, Jabra, and Rexton.

Costco sells several types of hearing aids, including some with rechargeable batteries and some that are Bluetooth capable.

If you already have hearing aids, Costco does provide support services for some of the products remotely.

In-person services include a free hearing test, fitting, and follow-up appointments.


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